Parents United RI


#ParentsUnitedRI is a grassroots movement of mothers, fathers, and concerned citizen groups across Rhode Island ... who are banding together to preserve the rights of parents when it comes to their children’s education and health.

Our core belief is that parents - not government ideologues - have the moral and legal right to determine our children’s educational and health paths. Our schools belong to all of us, not just the handful of special interest activists who sit on our school boards and appointed school system positions. It’s time to put students and families first!

Our #ParentsUnitedRI movement is about a political uprising; thousands of mothers and fathers saying enough is enough. Our movement will become the most vital political force in our state's history. The greed of the insider class, the special interests, and the politicians who give them our money … has got to end. And we are going to end it for them.

#ParentsUnitedRI members are committed to stand-up to defend parental rights, and to protect our children against extreme race and sex-based theories in public schools.

Our goal is to return education and government to parents and to the people ... and to take it away from the varied special interest groups that advocate for policies that are not in our community's best interests. We reject the idea of government-sanctioned student indoctrination.

The problems we face in our schools did not come down from the heavens above. They were man-made by compromised politicians and can only be undone if we elect righteous #ParentsUnitedRI candidates.

Our slate of candidates believes in freedom of choice for families and offers a stark contrast to the progressive candidates we will oppose, who promise to impose more mandates and increased government control over our lives.